About Us

Website Design Company In Madison WIOur goal at Badgerland Media is providing clients with 3 things:

– More Customers
– More Sales
– More Time

We want to help you leverage the power of digital marketing and social media so you can make more sales, and more money.  The internet is an insanely powerful marketing tool if used correctly.  By enlisting our services you’ll be giving your business a shot of pure internet marketing and social media adrenalin which will translate to more customers consuming more of your products or services.

It doesn’t matter if you are with a large company selling consumable goods nationally, or a business on Main Street servicing local customers, Badgerland Media will bring more business your way while building your brand and customer base.  Lots of people know how to create a snazzy website that “Oohs” and “Aahs” visitors.  But you don’t want visitors, you want buyers!  We design websites that attract buyers, entice them to buy now and come back for more later.  Sound like a plan?

If you already have a website we can amp it up to lead magnet status.  And speaking of leads, our Bullseye Marketing Platform (BMP) is a lead harvesting juggernaut which uses digital marketing and social media to pour hot buy leads your way via the phone and email.  The BMP is super cost effective, requires practically zero effort on your part, and it can be set up and running in a matter of days.  If you’re a local business wanting to dominate a specific niche in a specific city or geographic area this is right up your alley. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a large city like Madison, WI or a smaller town like Spooner, the results will be the same: Awesome!

Need social media help?  We can make it happen for you with everything from account set-up to integrating highly effective social media marketing campaigns.  In fact our website packages include a powerful dashboard which allows you to post to all of your social media accounts with the push of a button! Way cool! Consulting and Reputation Management? We will be happy to help you out!

All of our digital marketing and social media strategies focus on providing you with more customers, more sales, and more free time for you to use to run your business. We know our strategies work incredibly well because we use them on our own websites and social media properties.  We’re not pitching snake oil here, we love seeing the businesses we work with get results, and we’re serious about helping you do the same!

BadgerlandMedia LLC
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