Mobilegeddon Is Here

On Tuesday April 21’st Google rolled out its latest algorithm update, and this one is a real dinosaur. Not the big docile leaf and grass eating type, but the giant ferocious T-Rex variety.  As the worlds largest and most powerful advertising company Google has noticed a trend over the last couple years: More and more folks are using mobile devices to surf the web. And guess what, Google’s ads don’t function or appear very prominently on sites that are not mobile optimized when viewed on smart phones. So what to do? Axe non-mobile friendly sites from appearing in the search results.

Madison Wisconsin Mobile WebsitesLong story short is if your website is NOT optimized for mobile devices, when people are using their smart phones to search for businesses, products and services your website is either not going to show up at all, or show up sickly low in the rankings where it’s all but useless. This can be very bad for your business if you have competitors who DO have websites that are optimized for mobile, as they will be tap dancing all over you and snagging all the low hanging fruit (local folks searching for you business or service).

The big problem is that many business owners are desensitized to this new “threat.” When mobile websites rolled out about 8 years ago, there was a huge push by web development companies to sell them to businesses. Everyone “needed” a mobile website, right? But the truth was no-one really “needed” these sites because so few people were using smart phones to surf the web. Now it’s a totally different scenario, as mobile has become the prominent method of web surfage (is that even a word?).

You snooze, you lose. And in this case it’s a double whammy. Not having a mobile optimized website is a big marketing whiff at this point. If your site is not mobile friendly it’s probably annoying and difficult to navigate on a little smart phone screen (angry customers leave your site), plus now Google will be hiding your website from your best potential customers using smart phones to search for local businesses and services. Ouch!

What to do?

The best option is to have your non-mobile website rebuilt to a responsive format which will make it mobile friendly. Mobile sites are able to crunch down on little screens and inflate on large screens, while retaining a professional appearance with easy navigation. These websites are designed to load quickly and be SEO friendly – two things Google is a big fan of that can help your search engine rankings.

The second best option would be to have your current website converted to a mobile website which would reside at a different URL. Special code is inserted in the head tag of your existing website which detects the user device and routes them to the appropriate site. This method is cheaper and faster, but not ideal. If your main site is prehistoric, with sloth like load speeds and lacking proper SEO, Schema tags etc it could be costing you search engine rankings, which in turn could be costing you sales and customers.

The Good News!

We offer both of the above options at super reasonable prices! For a quick quote please enter some information here and we will get back to you promptly. We can have a mobile site up and running for you in a matter of hours. This really is a great opportunity to get the jump on any competitors without mobile friendly websites! Google is basically handing you the keys and giving you the option to dominate the search results. Or, if you have competitors with mobile sites you can join them at the front of the pack!