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If your business got sucker punched online by a competitor posting bad or angry reviews, or if disgruntled customers have written less than stellar comments tarnishing your reputation or image, we can help.  Our reputation management service is ideal for businesses of any size in any location.  We will surmise the situation online and devise and implement a safe and effective strategy focused on rebuilding and repairing any damage done.

Once repaired we can then focus on getting customers to post positive online reviews to provide a buffer against any negative reviews coming down the pipe in that future as well.  Part of our reputation management service, however, is structuring your online content in a manner promoting positive reviews and dissuading people from following through with the negative ones.

Having poor or negative reviews posted about your business online is not something to be taken lightly.  Millions of people turn to local directories such as and Googles local business pages for up to date reviews on local businesses.  All it takes is one negative review and customers will avoid your listings and click on competitors instead.  Think about it.  How many products or services online have you purchased that had negative reviews pointed at them? Our reputation management tactics are totally safe, white hat, and work well in larger cities like Madison, WI and smaller cities too regardless of business niche or size.

Consulting companies about their digital marketing and social media strategies is something we love to do at Badgerland Media.  It’s always fun and exciting to hear your ideas and discuss how best to implement them on the web.  And don’t sweat it the bill.  We don’t charge an arm and a leg like many other internet consulting agencies do.

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