Boost Your Sales With Directory Sites

Hey folks, it’s Mike Wesolek here and in this post I’m going to show you how to use the power of free directory listings (citations) to get more customers, make more sales, and improve the ranking of your business website.  Any local business owner can do this, it’s Fast, Easy and Free!

Back in the day, the Yellow Pages was what came to mind when one heard mention of “the directory.” Now there’s a new game in town with a host of online directories eager to showcase your business information to the masses. And better yet, many of these directory websites will list your business info for free.

Why Should You Care About Directory Listing Citations?

  • More Customers Find Your Business = You Make More Sales
  • Google Will Reward Your Own Website With Better Rankings
  • Build Your Brand & Position As A Leader In Your Local Market

icon-power-up-largeBusiness listings are often referred to as “citations” and they can be a great way for potential customers to find your business and the products or service you provide.  Lots of folks head straight to online directories when searching for local businesses to use or purchase products from. People using these online directory’s are almost always in “BUY NOW” mode.

They want to find a local business NOW, and call that business NOW!  These folks aren’t looking up “Divorce Lawyers” or “Emergency Plumbers” so they can take some notes and call later.  It’s GO TIME!  Your listings throw you right into the laps of these hungry buyers who need your products or services pronto.

Get Some Love From The “BIG G”

Having your business listed in online directories shows Google that your business is the real deal.  For the “Big G” it’s a sign of trust.  And Google rewards trust with better search engine placement.  By canvassing the local directories with your business info you’re creating a network of trust that Google will notice.  In most cases the directory listings themselves will start popping up in Google search results, and the “link juice” power created by all the directory listings will often boost your actual business web page in the search results rankings.

So it’s win-win for you, the local business owner.  Hungry buyers searching for local services and products will find your listings, and the listings will amp up your website and boost its rank in the local search results.  Did someone say “SLAM DUNK?”

You Need A Good NAP

Not the hot summer day laying in a hammock kind of nap.  I mean NAP as in “Name, Address, Phone Number.” In order to make Google happy you want to make sure all of your directory listings feature an identical Business Name, Address, and Phone Number.  Don’t go using your business street address for your YELP listing, and a P.O. Box at for example.  Keep your NAP identical across all the different directories, and make double sure you are using the same NAP set up at Google Local.  We encourage customers to set up Google Local first, and use the info posted there in all of the other directory listings.

And Here’s A Little Help For Starters

To help you get your feet wet we put a quick PDF together walking you through each step required to set up listings in some of the more popular directory sites.  The PDF is a quick download detailing the listing process from start to finish on sites like YELP, Yahoo Local, Google, Bing Places, SuperPages, and more.  There’s about 15 in total.  And yes, it’s totally FREE, simply enter your name and email in the box below and we will email you the PDF pronto quick!

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