Is Your Website A Slouch?

Does it just sit there on the web.  Lifeless.  Like a pixelated brochure laid open on the computer screen.  What happens when someone visits your site on a tablet or a smartphone?  Does it annoy people and shrink down to a tiny little size that’s totally unreadable without pinch zooming in and scrolling left, right, up, down to try to find the information one seeks?

Old school brochure style websites are quickly becoming relics.  And if you’re still holding on to one, and letting it represent your business it could be costing you customers.

We recently upgraded a Wisconsin realtor’s website from a circa 2006 static 800×600 old school type to a new responsive layout with a lead magnet and some creative call to actions like a Wisconsin property value estimate form.  Not only did the number of leads coming in off the website increase, but the number of phone leads also increased.  By simply making the phone number stand out and initiating a click to call feature, people on smart phones and tablets starting taking action.  The previous static and non-responsive design made it difficult for people to find the realtor’s contact info.  It was buried in the site’s tiny little text and barely readable nav bar links.

This is the last thing you want to have happen, right?  People cruising your website on their smartphones, anxious for the type of service or product your business provides.  People nowadays get frustrated fast.  They want the info NOW.  And they can’t find it quickly on your site, they’ll head to your competitors site in a flash.